Most Fortune 500 companies have implemented some form of continuous improvement in their supply chain or manufacturing processes.

The Japanese call this Kaizen, or simply ‘change for better’. Although in media we are not making tangible, physical products, why would we not leverage best practices from other industries to power our enterprise, improve efficiency, and reduce waste and costs? By bringing her experience from other industries and applying them to media, Ashley presents her hypothesis that the simple Kaizen framework of “PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT” is required to build an adaptable media enterprise.

The best practices that are part of Kaizen, when powered by data, are poised to greatly improve a media organizations’ performance, across the entirety of the enterprise including production, distribution and advertising. Ashley takes us through why this management principle is hard for media, but identifies actionable ways for organizations to create, define and improve core business processes to ‘learn’ or continuously improve performance.