TV Networks Struggle With Increasing Ad Complexity: Furious’ Swartz

VIEQUES, PR — TV companies are trying to adapt to a world in which the sale of their advertising is being up-ended by new possibilities – but doing so involves challenges as incumbent workflows are not up to the job. That is according to one ad exec turned software founder, hoping to help solve some of those problems. […]


Spotify Rolls Out New Metrics To Better Define And Target Users

VIEQUES, PR – If you think of music choices as a mirror as opposed to a filter, you can learn a lot about listeners. And you can serve them tailored ads as they “declare” key moments throughout a typical day. Streaming music provider Spotify has no shortage of insights that define its users, as the […]


Neustar’s “172 Segments” Give Audiences To Advertisers

VIEQUES, PR — It is fair to say Neustar sees value in the future of television – the data and marketing services firm is currently in the process of being acquired by a private equity outfit for $2.9bn. That deal was announced on December 14, but the company expects the conclusion of its sale to Golden Gate Capital by the […]


Petabytes Of Data Power Cross-Screen Ads: DataXu’s Catanzaro

VIEQUES, PR — The future of multi-channel ad buying is here, now – and BIG. Marketers, challenged by the proliferation of modern media devices, are dreaming of a day when they can distribute their ads for a multitude of screens, from just a single screen. But Sandro Catanzaro says that day is already here. “Imagine a world where […]


Cadreon’s Schmidt On The Value Of Unique Datasets, Sharing Among Clients

VIEQUES, PR – For Cadreon’s Erica Schmidt, data in and of itself doesn’t cut it. It’s having unique datasets to bring to the table as the IPG unit guides its advertiser clients through the maze of programmatic options. “What’s really interesting today is advertisers are much more serious about programmatic than they ever have been […]


TV Upfronts Are Here To Stay: Videology’s Jamboretz

VIEQUES, PR — As the technology used for trading display ads programmatically has made in-roads in to digital video, many in the industry also expect the same thing to happen in good ‘ol television. But hold your horses. Whilst many tech vendors are trying to usher a tradable marketplace economy in to television ad buying, […]


What Makes Great Marketing, By MediaMath’s O’Connell

VIEUQES, PR — A lot of people will give you a lot of different answers about how marketing should work. For Joanna O’Connell, it comes down to valuable conversations. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the marketing analyst turned marketing chief gives Beet.TV her prescription for advertising effectiveness. “How do you help a marketer or an agency […]


Adobe’s Combined Ad Cloud Tackles User Experience

VIEQUES, PR — The latest cloud in Adobe’s sky is advertising, after the software giant last week launched Adobe Advertising Cloud, combining its Media Optimizer tool with its TubeMogul acquisition. The acquisition gives Adobe chops in the fast-growing world of video advertising. But what is the watch word for the company as it helps publishers and advertisers […]


Alphonso Brings Real-Time To TV Attribution: CEO Chordia

VIEQUES, PR — Of all the ad-tech vendors promising to light up video opportunities, Alphonso is one of the lesser-known. But the three-year-old company says it is has some handy tricks up its sleeve to help marketers plan and figure out the effectiveness of ad spending across TV and video platforms. Alphonso‘s offering brings the ability […]


Solving Foundational Capabilities Paves The Way For Best Use Of Data: Disney ABC’s Dean

VIEQUES, PR – Disney ABC Television Group wants to expand the definition of “data” beyond the delivery of impressions or selecting shows, dayparts and units. It’s part of a holistic approach that leverages the company’s immense store of information across all of its assets. This requires looking beyond audience targets and encompassing data from set-top […]


Ooyala’s Braley Connects Content To Advertisers For Broadcasters

VIEQUES, PR – It is now more than two years since Ooyala, a video advertising services provider, acquired peer Videoplaza, with its strong client base in the European broadcasting segment. The combined entity, now also part of Australia telco Telstra’s family, has spent the time since merging its respective strengths, and is now ready to go […]


605’s Dolan: Lots Of Moving Pieces To Audience Targeting And Measurement

VIEQUES, PR – Although consumers may perceive video content as being no different than traditional linear television programming, programmers and providers should try to look at things across a comprehensive ecosystem. The key word is “try.” This not to say that a common sales and measurement currency is in sight and, in fact, it seems […]


NBCU’s Optimization Offerings No Longer Limited To Upfront Or Scatter Buys, Says Colella

VIEQUES, PR – It would be an understatement to say that NBCUniversal is going all in on audience targeting and guarantees. Not only has the media giant committed to making up to $1 billion of its inventory available for guarantees in this year’s Upfront season, it’s switched all of its optimization offerings to “always on,” […]


Simulmedia’s Siegel Fancies Self-Serve Ad Planning Model

VIEQUES, PR — The company started by the founder of Tacoda and Real Media to help advertisers data-target their TV ad buys now plans to give its customers more hands-on control. Simulmedia, founded by Dave Morgan, is the latest video ad-tech company to try moving more of its technology to a self-service model. In this video […]


FreeWheel Evolves to Enable Range of Monetization Strategies, Van Ullen explains

VIEQUES, PR — FreeWheel’s video advertising server software is used by both broadcast and non-broadcast media companies alike, to better tap in to demand for their valuable ad space. But those two segments have very different rationales for wanting ad-tech, so FreeWheel approaches each differently. That is according to FreeWheel publisher partnerships VP Julie Van Ullen, […]


Videology Sees Linear TV Ads Grow Programmatically

VIEQUES, PR — Traditional linear TV may not be internet-connected, but that doesn’t mean so-called “programmatic technology” cannot be used to better target TV ad buys all the same. Over the last year, Videology, a company providing software for addressable advertising across TV and video, saw a 840% increase in the number of linear TV impressions available to be […]


Hulu Taps Ad-Tech Partners For Upcoming Live TV Service

VIEQUES, PR — Hulu plans to offer its new live TV service in the next couple of months, promising marketers the ability to reach consumers across on-demand and live viewing in one, seamless buying experience. The company has been trailing the live launch for a few months. Features include the ability to “save anything to watch […]


How ‘Desperate’ Marketers Struggle In OTT TV: Tru Optik’s Swanston

VIEQUES, PR — Consumers are flocking to watch TV over new, over-the-top connected devices – but some advertisers are struggling to keep up, according to one exec watching the space. US connected TV viewers grew 20.6% in 2016 to reach 181.8mn, and will hit 60.4% of the population by 2020, according to eMarketer. The great migration […]


MediaLink’s Spiegel: New Audience Targeting Useless Without New Measurement Metrics

VIEQUES, PR – As Managing Director at MediaLink, Matt Spiegel attends more than his share of conferences and hears more than his share of jargon. So he’s heartened that much of the discussion at this year’s Beet.TV Executive Retreat was about business outcomes. “We’re having the business impact conversation, which I think is great,” says […]


Liberty Global’s Paul: Focus On ‘Attention Economics,’ Not Just Consumption

VIEQUES, PR – As the world’s largest international television and broadband company rolls out new set-top boxes to facilitate addressable advertising, Liberty Global is focusing on “attention economics.” This departure from simply looking at content consumption is the outgrowth of the company’s ever-evolving data science capabilities. “The industry has been talking about this around the […]

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