How AT&T Is Navigating Media Buying During A Pandemic: Carter

Finding the right audience for marketing messages was already becoming complex. But the COVID-19 pandemic has posed a whole new set of challenges. Audience targeting appears to be entering a third age. After initial buying of ads against content that delivers key demographics, marketers have been in thrall to laser-targeting audiences, no matter they content […]


Getting Past the TV Upfront to an “Audience-Based World,” Omnicom’s Sullivan

The current crisis  is causing the media industry to “rethink what we do.”  It is making the TV Upfront less essential versus the time when clients want to negotiate, says Catherine Sullivan, Chief Investment Officer of the Omnicom Media Group, NA, in this interview with Beet.TV TV marketplace is moving inexorably to an “audience-based” world.  […]


Courageous Studios Michal Shapira: Storytelling Needs to be” Relevant and Passionate”

Through a 30-second spot for AT&T, Courageous – the branded content studio unit of WarnerMedia, was tasked with finding a way to showcase that the mobile network company was there for its customers during a time of need, the Covid-19 crisis, in a way that was authentic to the brand. What resulted was an ad […]


Mindshare’s Brian DeCicco: The Key Variables Impacting Audience Planning Right Now

As the media industry continues to adapt to new realities, new insights have informed how companies are approaching audience planning. In a BeetCam interview, Brian DeCicco, executive director of customer strategy at Mindshare US discussed what behaviors have shifted over the past two months. According to DeCicco, four key variables are impacting how audience planning […]


Amplifi’s Mike Law: ‘Reach Is a Big Story in Today’s Marketplace’

As more precise data becomes available, there’s a greater importance on moving away from legacy behaviors and more towards understanding audience and reach. In a Beet.TV interview, Mike Law, president of Amplifi USA, explained how this comes from a balance between audience targeting tools and contextual marketing. Amplifi is a unit of the Dentsu Aegis […]


“Embrace Agility,” WarnerMedia’s Aversano Advises

The coronavirus is forcing everyone to think creatively. And that includes how marketers find their audiences when the delivery mechanism they expected to use just isn’t available. Case in point – to find viewers who would otherwise have watched sports events that have been cancelled, some brands are turning to audience targeting, which helps them […]


Publicis Groupe’s Cohen: Why Brands Are Better Off Without the Cookie

During a worldwide crisis, advertisers have to be particularly cognizant of the situation their audience is living through. Talking to customers as a cohort, and not as individuals, and letting advertisements end up alongside irrelevant content, can hurt brands more than ever.  Jeremy Cohen, the vp and head of global content partnerships at Publicis Groupe, […]


Xandr’s Scott: ‘Creative Is Evolving to Meet the Temperament of the New Viewer’

Consumption is changing for audiences who are now stuck at home, says Xandr’s head of video market development for EMEA Austin Scott. Device usage and the amount of content that people have an appetite for has surged. That has opened an opportunity for streaming companies: We’ve seen the launch of Quibi during quarantine. Netflix is […]


COVID-19 Changes Everyone’s Context: Mastercard’s Rajamannar

As the sun sets on cookies, many are looking to contextual advertising, the practise of targeting not the audience for content but the content itself, to offer up the best advertising results. In contextual targeting, ad buyers would seek optimal adjacency to various kinds of content. But, to Raja Rajamannar, there is one overriding context […]


Kinesso Is Connecting Dots Between Datasets: Paolozzi

Vin Paolozzi probably expect to be launching a new marketing data engine on the cusp of a global pandemic that has put half the world’s consumers in lockdown. But that’s what he got. Still, the chief investment officer of Kinesso, the division IPG launched in October to provide data-driven capabilities to clients, thinks the unit […]


Context & Audiences, Targeting In Tandem: Comscore’s Gantz

As privacy regulation has dampened some aspects of advanced user targeting and as the deprecation of cookies looms near, marketers are seeking an alternative way to get the best fit. One of the leading contenders – contextual targeting, the practice of seeking out ad inventory adjacent to particular kinds of content, rather than targeting individual […]


Horizon’s Williams: Helping Companies Rethink Communication During Covid-19

In a time of no live sports and heightened sensitivity to brand messaging, many companies have had to completely rethink their marketing strategies. In an interview with Beet.TV,  Donnie Williams, executive vice president and chief digital officer at Horizon Media, explored how the consultative lever of the industry has been busier than ever trying to […]


Context & Data Go Hand-In-Hand: Spark Foundry’s Giacosa

As the sun sets on cookies and as privacy regulation has dabbed the brakes on some of the more advanced facets of audience targeting, many advertisers are looking for alternatives. Amongst the leading contenders – contextual advertising, the practise of targeting not the audience for content but the content itself. As contextual ad targeting gains […]


Publishers Can Navigate The Pandemic With Context: Nielsen’s Wilson

We all know that news and video publishers are experiencing a big traffic spike during the coronavirus pandemic. But how can they best serve audiences in order to hold on to new users after the lockdowns end? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Nielsen’s EVP for media and marketing effectiveness Tina Wilson says traffic is […]


Omnicom’s Sullivan: Behavioral Targeting Is the ‘Holy Grail’

Streaming is top of mind for Catherine Sullivan, chief investment officer for Omnicom Media Group North America. Major deals are happening as legacy media companies scoop up streaming platforms – Disney’s acquisition of Hulu, Fox’s acquisition of Tubi, ViacomCBS’s acquisition of Pluto – and new streaming services are launching. In May, HBO Max will debut; […]


Nation’s Marketers Rallying around COVID-19 Response

In response to the pandemic, marketers need to shift from “story telling” to “story doing,” says Bob Liodice CEO of the ANA, the trade group of the the nation’s top marketers.  Not a time to sell product but to “embrace people,” he said in this interview with Beet.TV In addition to brands serving their customers […]


Personalization is Paramount During Pandemic: Xandr’s Jason Brown

The coronavirus pandemic crisis will accelerate the trend in which brands want to speak directly to their customers. That is according to one ad executive who says companies need to be able to find their own audience amongst the newly-inflated base of stay-at-home media consumers. Get personal amid virus “The need for personalization on direct-to-consumer […]


“Not a Time to Sell: It’s a Time to Serve,” Cautions Mastercard’s Raja Rajamannar

While the current crisis may provide opportunities to sell, marketers need to be very careful warns  Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and President, Healthcare Business, Mastercard, in this interview with Beet.TV “It’s not the time to sell, it’s a time to serve,” he cautions the industry.  Marketers have to make real commitments to […]