Beet Commentary: “Building the Adaptable Media Enterprise”: “The Transformation of the Media Supply Chain”

We have all heard the marketing buzz word omni-channel. It means the blurring of advertising channels, and the need for agility and a new approach to reach one audience, across multiple screens. Media is not the first to use this phrase, or have the need to transform businesses to adapt to these types of challenges. […]


Beet Commentary: “Building the Adaptable Media Enterprise”: “The 800 lb Gorilla in Media”

When you read the analyst reports or industry commentary, one thing that is clear is that profitability is often a reason for a loss in confidence by the market. Earnings Per Share (EPS) is a clear metric as we all know for wall street. What I am continually dumbfounded by is the fact that profit […]


Beet Commentary: “Building the Adaptable Media Enterprise”: “The Power of the Forecast to Improve Business Results”

If you can’t predict, how can you make a plan to get to where you want to be? The lack of hard or tangible goods in media, like other industries, and a ratings systems that is imperfect has created an industry [media] where forecasting is not as important as it should be. A good forecasting […]