COLOGNE-It’s a fantastic time to be a media agency, according to Zenith Global Brand President Vittorio Bonori. The flip side is that clients’ business models are “under attack,” a situation that the right uses of technology can help to overcome.

“Sometimes when we refer to technology it can really seem as something really cold and detached from human beings,” Bonori said in an interview with Beet.TV earlier this month at the DMEXCO conference and exposition. “I think on the opposite, smart usage of technology especially through mobile devices can really create much better experiences between brands and consumers.”

Bonori’s viewpoint comes shortly after ZenithOptimedia forecast that mobile would overtake desktop to become the primary internet advertising medium in 2017—a year earlier than previously forecast. ZenithOptimedia described the 95% growth of mobile ads in 2015 and its prediction of 46% for 2016 as “a blistering pace.”

As it turns out, brands and consumers have something in common. The former needs to understand how to improve the way they reach consumers, while the latter “are looking for more relevant and personalized kind of communication and services,” Bonori said. “That’s why mobile can really play a fundamental role within this journey.”

Having positioned itself as the “return on investment” media agency—or in Bonori’s words, “return on consumers”—Zenith has a dedicated artificial intelligence and computer science department that looks at each client’s specific needs to help create “one-to-one communication at scale.”

Bonori noted that there is no shortage of technology and perhaps “a redundancy” of it. “What we are trying to do is design something really personalized in order to unlock potential new growth for these clients,” he said.

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