There’s building tech products, and then there’s creating for a purpose. Too often, brands are eager to leap in to one technology or another without really considering respective strengths and applications, says IPG’s mobile and technology agency.

“Two months ago, everyone was talking about virtual reality,” notes Travis Johnson, Ansible‘s global president. “Then this phenomenon came along called Pokemon Go. All of a sudden, it’s about augmented reality – everybody’s saying this is the next big thing.”

But Johnson doesn’t see it the same way. “It’s not about the technology,” he says. “It’s about the user experience. The idea of using virtual reality for a bread brand or toothpaste probably isn’t the best use case. But, if I’m checking out an apartment half way around the world, that’s a better use.”

And the idea goes further. Johnson says there are some pretty fundamental use cases for deploying to mobile web or mobile apps, even though both run on the same device.

Experience was one of Johnson’s top takeaways from Mobile World Congress earlier this year, when he observed how brands can use mobile to enhance a customer’s perception of real-world retail premises.

Ansible was formed in 2007, acquired the UK’s Mubaloo early this year and just rolled out in India.

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