Nielsen’s acquisition of strategic partner Pointlogic lays the groundwork for the ratings company’s global rollout of solutions for audience planning across all screens for reach, frequency and impact.

“This will be a huge year for the execution and launch of our Total Audience measurement product suite, which will be unfurled between our Total Content ratings and Total Ad ratings products,” says Eric Solomon, SVP, Product Leadership at Nielsen.

The company is “getting ready to start publishing the data on a syndicated basis over the next couple of quarters,” Solomon says.

The deal with Pointlogic comes about a year after Nielsen acquired data management platform Exelate for its programmatic prowess. Based in the Netherlands, Pointlogic has “a huge footprint with agencies around the world,” Solomon observes. Pointlogic says it has clients in more than 100 countries.

Nielsen and Pointlogic co-developed Nielsen Media Impact, a tactical planning product that enable clients to predict the impact of their plans on sales and brand equity before committing investments.

Nielsen Media Impact launched in the U.S. and Italy in 2015 and is expected to expand to more than eight countries across Europe, Asia and Latin America over the next year, according to Nielsen.

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