VIEQUES, PR — Much progress has been made in programmatic advertising, but more work needs to be done to fully deliver “unduplicated reach” in this new arena, says Tim Castree, Managing Director at Videology, in a conversation with Ashley J. Swartz, CEO & Founder at Furious Corp., for Beet.TV.

The biggest hindrance for brands in programmatic buying lies in the existence of both “silos of execution and silos of technology,” he explains. “The goal is duplicated audience reach in the right time period. Every brand has a different periodicity in unduplicated reach in video.” The issues that impede this are rooted in the separation of key aspects of buying, such as portfolio optimization, buying for long-term in one area, buying for endemic in another, and seeing these areas split as they’re executed, he says.

These problems arises in part because agency structure can often drive strategy, but that’s not always ideal, Castree says. “People need to be specialized and technology needs to be horizontal. We think with platform and technology, and the right application of data across the workflow, we can break down silos so brands can make the most effective decisions for marketing.”

Ultimately, brands can do this by focusing on managing their portfolio of inventory against their KPI. This is something that Videology aims to help with through its tools, he adds. “The next level of efficiency in portfolio management for marketers, publishers and agencies is when we can find unduplicated reach, but also use the portfolio in the most effective ways,” he says. Keep an eye on “universal IDs” as that’s an area more players in the industry are exploring, he says.

This video was produced at the Beet.TV executive retreat presented by Videology.  You can find more videos from the session here.