NBCUniversal is ramping up its programmatic video sales via private deals, but it’s not selling video inventory on open exchanges.

“It’s our most prized asset, “ says Aaron Radin, SVP-Partnerships and Portfolio Products at NBCUniversal, in an interview with Beet. TV. “It’s the core asset of the company from a media standpoint, and we want to make sure that our best customers have the ability to reach their target audiences at scale across that asset.”

While Radin observes that it’s still too early to talk about how granular the targeting can get with programmatic video, he observes that it’s been a bit broader in video than it is in the display world, though “we’re going to see how that plays out over time.”

“[Clients] understand that this is an iterative process in terms of continuing to hone the targets they’re going after [and] how can we best help reach them, both in terms of how we change the product and how they amend their approach as we go,” he says.

While programmatic video is still a small part of the overall ad business, it’s “a significant chunk of the growth of our business in this past upfront,” Radin adds.

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