COLOGNE — Advertising technology platforms are giving advertisers and ad buyers unprecedented and ever-greater abilities to plan, control, buy and monitor their digital ad campaigns.

But with this new power comes, also, degrees of complexity. For starters, now that advertisers rely on more and more external technology partners, they are one step away from the nuts and bolts of their campaigns.

“There’s so many intermediaries who are deep in to technology – from the advertiser’s perspective, it’s hard for them to really understand what that all means,” says AudienceScience business development account manager Lauren Bernard. “If I give you $5, where is that going?”

Bernard says AudienceScience, which bills itself as  an “advertiser-owned enterprise advertising management system”, gives customers dedicated warehouses in which their data is stored.

“They can feel comfortable their data is not being co-mingled with other data sets advertisers can reset at peace that their data is safe and they are executing that they are executing a media buy where the price they are paying, they know exactly what they are getting,” she says.

Bernard says AudienceScience has spent the last few months improving its mobile video advertising offering. It recently teamed up with ad tech platform SpotX, using an OpenRTB standard integration. to allow advertisers to buy video ads in mobile apps. Bernard says the hook-up grows what AudienceScience can do for its advertisers in Europe.

This video is part of a series about programmatic video presented by SpotX.  For more videos from the series, please visit this page