CANNES —  Artificial intelligence is poised to become one of the biggest changes wrought by technology in the advertising business in the years ahead, says Mike Cooper, CEO Worldwide of PHD, in this interview with Beet.TV.  “In ten to fifteen years time, artificial intelligence will take decisions out of our hands about what we do, and there are massive implications for marketing,” he tells us. “It is a new era.”

“If you miss your plane going home, your virtual personal assistant would rebook your hotel and let people know. The decision-making process is taken out of the hands of consumers, and marketing at that point ceases to be a frontal cortex process, and it becomes an algorithmic one, and that is a big transformation in terms of marketing,” he says. PHD recently released a book called “Sentience” on this coming AI revolution, the impact on marketing, and what it means for the future of media. The agency is aiming to take on a big role in spreading the word about the potential of AI.

The best way to prepare for these changes is to try to understand them in advance as much as possible, Cooper says. “It has been paralleled to the invention of electricity, to the invention of the worldwide web,” he says.

To create attention for AI in Cannes, PHD brought  Worldwide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee to the festival as speaker.  Here’s a report on his presentation.

PHD is a unit of Omnicom.

We interviewed Cooper at Cannes.  This video is part of a series of Cannes interviews sponsored by true[X].  Please find additional videos from the series here.