One of the biggest goals for marketers today lies in achieving better attribution across screens, says Melissa Keller, EVP, Channel Investments at Havas Media, in an interview with Beet.TV about the future of TV advertising.
“As a media agency, our goal is to guide them through the right media mix and right amount,” Keller says. Consumers aren’t so much shifting from TV to digital, but are moving seamlessly between screens. “Once we figure out the right channel mix, we can look at the right creative to service by channel.”
She’s keeping an eye on how programmatic methodology will impact TV and how it can drive advertising objectives, but the market isn’t there yet. “Once networks figure out how to monetize programmatic, we will see more of it in TV,” she says. “But we need to figure out how to make it work in the confines of how TV is produced and delivered and messaged today.”
We spoke with her earlier this week at a taping of industry leaders  titled Why TV Advertising Will Never Be the Same. The event was co-produced at AOL in partnership with Beet.TV. For more videos, please visit this page.