One of the biggest challenges in selling video in a package across both TV and digital screens has been the use of different metrics, but that’s poised to change with audience buying strategies, says Steve Marshall, CEO of multi-platform advertising sales software firm Invision, in an interview with Beet.TV. As the TV industry begins to integrate capabilities to buy audiences on linear channels, more dollars will likely go to digital video given the apples-to-apples buying possibilities that come with like-minded measurement.
The move to audience buying on linear networks will likely increase the revenue for sellers of digital video. “I can find a particular audience on a linear network and compare that to the impressions and reach and frequency I can get on digital video. Then it will be a lot easier for the sellers to allocate inventory both across linear tv and digital video.”
The challenge in this scenario lies in automation, though. Networks will need to find methods to manage the greater amount of inventory across a range of screens, he says. Agencies will also need to adapt to the culture changes of buying in a more data-centric fashion.
Invision is used by media content companies to manage more than $13 billion in ad revenue each year. Clients include DirecTV, Fox, NBC Universal, Univision and many others.
We spoke with Marshall at a taping of industry titled Why TV Advertising Will Never Be the Same. The event was co-produced at AOL in partnership with Beet.TV. For more videos, please visit this page.