Addressable delivery of ads is on the rise by early adopters in recent years, says Steve Marshall, CEO of multi-platform advertising sales software firm Invision, in an interview with Beet.TV. Many MVPDs are moving aggressively to sell their inventory on an addressable basis, he says.
“We are focused on helping sellers to automate their platforms,” he explains. “Not until the last two to three years has there been the scale with the set-top box technology, and more important the ability for MVPDs to sell the addressable inventory to the agencies with the same ability they have with their TV inventory. To develop a plan, to generate an invoice, to ensure the agency knows what they are getting. We have seen a huge scaling in the abilities,” he says in explaining key advancements in this area.
Invision works with TV companies that can target ads to a particular household and to sell impressions based on that targetable audience. Invision is used by media content companies to manage more than $13 billion in ad revenue each year. Clients include DirecTV, Fox, NBC Universal, Univision and many others.
We spoke with him this week at a taping of industry titled Why TV Advertising Will Never Be the Same. The event was co-produced at AOL in partnership with Beet.TV. For more videos, please visit this page.’