FORT LAUDERDALE – The ideal partnership for media divisions and creative departments is to work together from the start of a campaign, says Shenan Reed, President of Digital North America at MEC, at the recent Beet.TV executive retreat in an interview with Ashley J. Swartz, CEO of Furious Corp.

“Our job is to take creative and put it in the market. When we can be there from the very beginning of the process, the quality of the product we get is much better,” she says. Creative, however is expensive and the high cost opens opportunities for content partners to produce the creative and also for smaller creative agencies to land more work, Reed adds.

The business of a creative agency is shifting these days, given the focus on programmatic and targeted buying. Ideally, a creative partner should be able to work with the technology partner to weave together a variety of creative options that can be delivered to different audience segments, she said. “The creative agencies need to shift how they work. If your agency isn’t excited about getting those audience segments and using them to your benefit, I question whether the agency is there to drive your business or to put awards on their walls.

The Beet Retreat ’15 was sponsored by  AOL and Videology. Please find additional videos from the event here.