When it comes to measurement styles, video in the market is divided between TV replacement money and performance measurement buys, says Brian Pozesky, Chief Marketing Office for Eyeview, in this interview with Beet.TV.

Interestingly, brand marketers are among the advertisers moving more aggressively in video marketing, but they’re staying with GRPs for measurement rather than focusing on the performance tactics of the medium, he says. Digital video practitioners also rely on attribution modeling and media mix modeling. “For the most part we are dealing with CRM clients associating to known buyers and prospects, and from there they can provide media mix at an ID level and that’s where the future is going to be in tracking multichannel sales,” he says.

Another important hurdle in the online video business is viewability of ads, and ensuring the ads bought are all properly seen on a page. Eyeview is working with the IAB towards 100% viewability.

We spoke with Pozesky last month in New York at an industry event organized by Eyeview, a company that creates personalized video campaigns for brands. You can find more videos from the event here.