CHICAGO — Weather often affects consumers’ moods, and that means it can impact purchase behavior, says DJ Reali, SVP MultiPlatform Sales at the Weather Company, in an interview with Beet.TV. As such, the Weather Company often looks to pair consumer data with weather conditions to deliver targeted ads.

For instance, Weather Company has worked with Pantene to deliver ads based on humid conditions, since humidity can be a driver for buying hair products. “We have a data and analytics platform, and we can mash that with sales data or activity data to find the right trigger. We have over 200 triggers that tap into different audiences as driven by the weather conditions. We have predictive measures that tell us what weather will lead people to buy boots or coats, for instance,” he explains.

Weather Company has been actively expanding its repertoire of video over the years, and that includes branded video. Mobile has been a growth engine for video, and Weather Company counts more than 140 million app downloads. Much of the video the content company delivers goes beyond forecast and weather to include videos about health, travel, outdoors and more, Reali says.

Reali was interviewed by Gian Fulgoni, co-counder  and executive chairman emeritus of comScore at the Beet.TV leadership summit presented by the Jun Group.  You can find more videos from the summit here.