While TV Everywhere tends to dominates the chatter about non-linear viewing, many cablers are actively marketing and delivering viewers for their existing VOD services. Comcast, for instance, logged its 30 billionth program viewed on demand in the last year and has seen 100% growth in time spent viewing in the last three years, says Matt Strauss, Senior VP and Business Manager of Video Services at Comcast in an interview with Beet.TV.

What’s more, about 40% of VOD viewing falls in the C3 window for many shows, and as a result it’s having a material impact in lifting ads and views for many shows, he adds. That’s one of the reasons Comcast has begun using the On Demand Commercial Rating that aims to measure VOD ads in the most recent episodes and in prior episodes viewed on demand, relying on dynamic ad insertion.

More than 500 TV shows are now available on VOD, and most of the growth in the service is coming in viewing of TV shows, which now accounts for 40% of the viewing on VOD, he says.

For more insight, check out this video interview.

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