COLOGNE, Germany — Data and addressability are two trends that are driving increased spending in online video, but also are posing challenges for the business, says Richard Joyce, Senior Analyst with Forrester Research, in an interview with Ashley J. Swartz, Founder and CEO of Furious Minds for Beet.TV. Overall, advertisers are expecting more growth in online video because of  better targeting, more accountability and the ability to track across devices, Joyce said, citing the top-level findings from a recently released Forrester study on the online video marketplace, commissioned by Videology.

“Advertisers see that targeting can make their campaigns better, but there are still challenges. Devices and platforms aren’t always talking together, and advertisers are finding it challenging to track a user across multiple devices with accuracy and there is always the measurement issue,” he said, in explaining the hurdles.

However, the GRP is still part of the equation, and many video buyers want to use it. “The GRP currency is something everyone is very comfortable with. It helps in planning and measurement and it lets media companies sell more holistically across devices. It is still really important to the various stakeholders,” Joyce said.

The study also found that marketers are expecting a boost in digital video revenues due to data-driven advertising. The use of more and better data makes more detailed targeting possible, which increases the cost efficiency of ads.

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