LONDON — When brands use mobile advertising or Twitter advertising, they can amplify their media spend and ROI, says Richard Hocking EMEA director of performance marketing and mobile development at Starcom MediaVest Group, in an interview with Beet.TV.

Twitter can complement TV ads, and brands have seen a 7% rise in awareness from the combo, while brands measuring sales impact saw a sales boost of 4% in the homes that were exposed to ads on Twitter and TV, compared to just TV ads, according to research conducted by Twitter and SMG. Beyond Twitter, marketers are also seeing a positive effect from layering in mobile marketing, he says. With many mobile users “dual-screening,” marketers need to reach them across devices. “Consumers are consuming content on their mobile devices so it’s our responsibility to make sure we are maximizing the media spend. Mobile is the connective tissue but it can also be an amplifier,” he says.

We spoke with Hocking for “The Road to DMEXCO,” a series of interviews with industry leaders produced in New York, London and San Francisco sponsored by the automatic content recognition (ACR) technology provider Civolution.

Please find more videos from the series here. Beet.TV is a media sponsor of DMEXCO and will be covering the conference extensively.

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