COLOGNE — Ad buyers are increasingly calling for outright and advance understanding over where they place ads. But, in the data frenzy, you can know too much, suggests WPP’s Xaxis chairman David Moore.

“There’s a lot of misconception about transparency,” he tells Videology CEO Scott Ferber in this video interview at DMEXCO for Beet.TV. “A lot of companies out there are making a big deal about it because it’s in their best interest to do so.”

Moore uses an analogy to explain: “When you bought that suit, did you ask them what they paid for the materials, about what it cost to put it together and how much they’re going to mark it up before you buy it? It becomes a religious issue with some people.” Better to focus on key metrics, Moore suggests.

Others in marketing are advocating marketers use third-party technology platforms to gain fully transparent insight in to campaign effectiveness.

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