COLOGNE — The challenge with data is not the sheer volume of information available today. The hurdle with “big data” is knowing what to do with it, says Russell Marsh, Global Chief Data Officer at IPG Mediabrands in an interview with Beet.TV.

“It’s all about how to connect the data points,” he says. “How do you identify the critical components in the data that are valuable and connect them together to either speed up the process or enable targeting or enable the whole real-time concept. That’s where the marketing is going.” Data is making it possible to track individual touchpoints more, and connect them back to the media channel, he adds.

Looking ahead, he expects programmatic buying to become a bigger force in TV as addressable TV becomes more prevalent. “As consumers move over to devices that are less about broadcast and more about what they want at that moment in time, that’s how programmatic will move into that area,” he says.

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