The six-second canvas represents a new opportunity for video content marketing as a means to to drive business response, says  Gian LaVecchia, Managing Partner, Digital Content Marketing at MEC, in an interview with Beet.TV. Vine is pushing creators to think through a new lens and tell stories in a compact way, and so is Twitter’s “Amplify” program, he says.

“There are profound opportunities for brands to drive action. We are going to start seeing brands capitalize and fully leverage that Vine canvas,” he says. “The challenge for Twitter is it’s live and in the moment, but they’ll have to figure that out.”

But measurement remains a hurdle for content marketing. “Our inability to consistently present sound findings and real business performance is holding us back. We need to figure out how to effectively measure emotion, engagement, attention, and connect those to business metrics.”

LaVecchia was one of  the speakers at the Beet.TV video advertising summit on “outstream” advertising presented by Ebuzzing & Teads. Please find more videos from that event here.