Brands shouldn’t just make content that reflects a particular message, they should create participative campaigns, says an innovative marketing exec.

“Storytelling is something everybody talks about in this space,” says JWT executive creative director Eric Weisberg. “I’m most empowered by story-doing and story-building

The best brand campaigns are when a client “had a goal but they shared control of that with consumers – they started the content but they didn’t finish it”, he says.

Weisberg’s example is Once Upon A Care, a campaign JWT crafted for J&J that asks children and parents to open up on the notion that the world is less caring nowadays that has been turned in to videos and ebooks.

“That, to me, is the power of story-doing – a brand action, making those books is a much more powerful statement than just doing a piece of storytelling about how the world has become less caring.

He was a panelist at the recent Beet.TV summit on branded content, interviewed by Collective Digital Studio SVP Paul Kontonis. You can find additional videos from the event here.