Given the wide range of video strategies available in the market, brands should understand the different value of different types of video. How-to videos, for instance, can often be most effective at driving a consumer to purchase, says Joe Migliozzi, Managing Director of Digital Media at Mindshare in an interview with Beet.TV about video advertising beyond the pre-roll.
“As video plays different roles throughout the journey, like awareness and engagement, how-to videos can be the final step that not only engages the consumers but gets them to purchase and say they feel absolutely comfortable and they know how to use [a product],” Migliozzi says. That means brands don’t necessarily need look how-to videos to deliver as many views as awareness videos because the goal is different at that point in the purchase funnel.
Migliozzi is also a fan of partnering with YouTube influencers, as those types of relationships can help connect brands to consumers in a way that feels natural. Migliozzi was one of  the speakers at the Beet.TV video advertising summit on “outstream” advertising presented by Ebuzzing & Teads. Please find more videos from that event here.