The TV ratings giant is prepping to add mobile ratings to its product mix. The goal for Nielsen? To weave mobile into TV ratings in time for the fall season, said Steve Hasker, President of Nielsen Global Products, in an interview with Beet.TV this spring.
The addition of mobile to the TV ratings set can potentially give a more holistic view of who is watching what type of programming and on what device. At the Television Summer Critic’s Association this week, a Nielsen executive said the ratings firm has begun implementing the tech tools to measure mobile viewing. Nielsen can tracks mobile video across Apple and Android devices using an ad ID, Hasker told us in this interview. One of the biggest potential benefits of the implementation of mobile ratings is to better account for time shifting of viewing to mobile screens, Nielsen has said.
Beet.TV spoke with Hasker in April about the launch of the mobile ratings project and has republished the interview today.