SAN FRANCISCO — As premium publishers dip their toes in the programmatic waters, many are starting with a private exchange, says Teg Grenager, Chief Product Officer at Adap.TV, during an interview with Beet.TV. “Premium publishers are starting to open their inventory in a private marketplace for an invited set of buyers, with either fixed or dynamic pricing and it needs to meet or exceed what they could charge in a rate card with direct sales. It’s same inventory they could sell direct but they are offering additional value with letting buyers bring in their own data,” he says.

The next step for programmatic buying is to expand more deeply into TV. Adap.TV rolled out a programmatic TV buying platform last year, testing it with various TV campaigns in partnership with Magna Global. “That allows marketers and agencies to bring their data about households and household purchase behavior and combine it with third-party data, like demographic and psychographic data in a way that is highly targeted and more efficient,” he says.

We interviewed Grenager at the Beet.TV leadership summit on programmatic TV advertising presented with Adap.TV. You can find more clips from the event here.