LOS ANGELES — Automaker Kia is working with the NBA for a second year on an effort to drive brand awareness via a video campaign tied to the NBA All-Star game, in an example of how user-generated video content can intersect with entertainment marketing, says Dimitry Ioffe,CEO and Founder of the agency TVGla, in an interview with Beet.TV at the 4A’s conference in Los Angeles. The goal of that partnership is to reach new audiences and boost awareness in a fun way with video, Ioffe explains.

For the campaign, the agency worked with Kia and approached college students to interview NBA All-Stars, he explains. “We then sent that content back to the marketplace and that allowed Kia to build and grow excitement,” he says. “We solicited for people to be a reporter and we would take them to the All-Star game to interview the All-Stars. We would generate interest for the brand months in advance.” Kia promoted the effort via bloggers and through the user-generated component, hosting the content on its YouTube channel, he explains. The program has entered its second year, and Kia is using it as a “fun engagement” with the game, Ioffe says. For more insight into the promotion, check out this video interview.