AMSTERDAM — One of the first second-screen films ever made has sold rights to English-language territories, says the film’s director Bobby Boermans, during an interview with Beet.TV at IBC last month. Boermans recently directed “App,” a Dutch thriller about smartphone-addicted teens.

Boermans said rights have now been sold in 20 territories including Australia, New Zealand and North. The film is one of the first big screen flicks to integrate a second-screen experience into the viewing. The premise of the film is that a girl finds an app on her phone, but slowly the app turns against her. During the film, viewers can check out text messages characters have sent each other on their mobile phones. “You’d be actively involved using your mobile phone during the film,” Boermans explains. “You can watch without but it’s enhanced with the app.”

The Dutch producer High Point sold rights to Film Movement in North America, among other territories.