AMSTERDAM — Multiplatform advertising is growing quickly for ad management platform Videoplaza, says David Muhle, a regional director at the company in an interview at IBC with Beet.TV. About 40% of Videoplaza’s total ads served are now from non-PC traffic, he explains. Of that, about half originate on tablets and mobile phones, with tablets rising as a viewing venue. “That adds extra complexity [for media clients]…they can try different ad formats and different ways to monetize it as much as they can and that’s really a game changer in the industry,” he says.

In the last year, Videoplaza has seen a 120% increase in inventory and ads served as clients shift from traditional broadcast to multiplatform. As a result, Videoplaza now counts eight offices worldwide in seven markets including newest ones in Bangkok and Cologne. By 2017, Muhle said that video will comprise 70% of Internet traffic, due largely to live programming.

He adds that integrations with other tech companies are vital in a multiplatform world, such as with Brightcove. “Integrations are turning into an important thing for our client,” he says.

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