AMSTERDAM — Technology company Civolution is using its tools for second-screen applications to enable multi-screen synched advertising, says Alex Terpstra, CEO of Civolution, in an interview with Beet.TV from IBC at the 2nd Screen Summit. The Netherlands-based company’s watermarking and fingerprinting tools can also be used to identify ads in real time at the moment they play on TV and then synchronize content via a second-screen application, he explains.

“You can extend a sponsorship then to the second screen. We see a large opportunity for multi-screen synched advertising,” Terpstra tells us. “Research has proven that [extending ads from TV to second screen] has a significant effect on ad effectiveness.”

Technology also has anti-piracy applications because it makes content traceable. For more insight into second-screen opportunities, multi-screen advertising and watermarking tools, check out this video interview.