Many TV viewers are making time for second-screen activities even if they view TV shows on a binge basis or after a live airing. That’s one of the findings of a survey conducted by the recently rebranded online video services company Piksel. “People are making time to interact via second screen, whether before or after,” says Alan Wolk, Global Lead Analyst at Piksel, in an interview with Beet.TV.

Most binge viewers vary how they watch their favorite programs – some watch marathon style, and some watch once or twice a week, he says. Piksel also found that about 90% of viewers said they watch their favorite shows on a recorded, streaming or on-demand basis. “If it’s their favorite show, they’ll make time for it,” he says. Twitter and Shazam are the biggest venues for second screen interaction so far, he adds.

Ryan Seacrest’s new game show could give a big boost to second-screen activities overall, Wolk says.