Arlington-based startup Veenome is using some nifty-sounding analysis technology to help publishers get better bang for buck from their video. Now it’s about to process a whole lot more video, following a deal with the Collective video ad network.

Founder and CEO Kevin Lenane tells Beet.TV the service processes viewers’ video page clicks: “We figure out where the videos are … and stream the frames to ourselves to detect the literal content. You can now know more about it before you buy [an ad against it].”

The outfit this month announced a deal with Collective to audit the network’s video inventory and index it on an ongoing basis.

“We do process quite a bit of inventory – right now, we’re at around 50 million impressions a month,” Lenane says in this taped interview following the deal. “We’ll probably be in the hundreds of millions in the next few months.”

Vindico is another firm analysing how – and whether – video consumers are really viewing videos online. Why would advertisers and publishers want to use Veenome? Its technology helps users pick dollars up off the floor.

“If you have this publisher with lots of varied content, you stoop to the lowest common denominator [when categorizing it for sale]… because there might be some objectionable content,” Lenane ads. “So you call it ‘remnant’ or UGC, and it brings the value of those impressions down.

“But, if [through analysis] you index those down in to categories, you wind up being able to index impressions on politics or tech or sports and actually sell those ads for higher value when you have those buckets.”