NEW YORK —  Cross-platform marketing can play a huge role in amplifying a marketing message, said John Marson, VP, director of Resource Development at Horizon Media during an interview with Beet.TV. In a study Horizon conducted with its Crown Imports client and ESPN, the agency found that about 75% of screen usage was across more than one screen, he said.

“It’s an additive effect. While a segment of our users were multi-tasking, 75% of their usage of content was across screens, so the usage was at a high level,” Marson said. “The value is taking messaging and customizing to the environment.”

Targeting and addressability also play a role in multi-platform marketing because they help marketers to create segments of purchasers on TV and online. “If one of your segments needs a little more engagement you can adjust the message to the screen. You can customize the message, he said.

Marson also discussed the value of a common currency for measurement. For more insight into cross-platform measurement and effectiveness, check out this video interview.

Horizon is the largest independent media agency in the United States.

Marson was a panelist at the Beet.TV Video Ad Effectiveness summit presented by Nielsen.