CANNES – The lower costs of production are starting to change the creative approach to video for a number of marketers, says Rich Guest, President US Operations at Tribal Worldwide during an interview with Beet.TV. “For under $10,000 we can produce a great piece of content that can be cut a lot of different ways. The cost to produce video is going down exponentially,” he tells us.

That’s a welcome change for agencies from having to simply repurpose expensive TV commercials for the Web. Those don’t always work well as online pre-rolls for a number of reasons, he explains. Other video innovations coming down the pike include Twitter’s three-second pre-rolls ads, he says. Those open up opportunities for marketers to use video in new ways. He also points to a real-time campaign Tribal handled for McDonald’s Canada called “Our Food. Your Questions” with the goal of helping the brand be more transparent about its food. The campaign included several videos, including one showing the secret sauce for the Big Mac.