Internet TV programming service Net2TV inked a deal with Roku for its digital-to-TV curated content, said Tom Morgan, Founder and CEO of Net2TV, a cloud-based TV service, during an an interview with Ashley Swartz, CEO of NY digital consultancy Furious Minds and a regular contributor to Beet.TV at the VideoNuze event in New York.

Net2TV’s PorticoTV service curates a range of content from recognized brands and independent producers and delivers it to smart TVs in the form of packaged, long-form programming. Morgan contends that many smart TV users simply want to watch good programming, rather than interact with the TV. Net2TV is aiming to compete by delivering digital programming packaged into a traditional TV channel. “We are taking things off the Internet and repackaging it for a large screen. We think someone would rather lift their glass of wine more often than the remote,” Morgan says in this interview. “Everyone is taking long-form and making it short. We are taking it short and packaging it into an experience so you can sit back on your couch and watch TV.”


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