CANNES – Using biometric tracking, AOL has begun testing emotional reactions to ads via a partnership with technology firm Realeyes, says Mihkel Jäätma, Managing Director of Realeyes during an interview with Beet.TV at Cannes. The company’s facial recognition software can measure the level of attraction, retention, engagement, impact and other emotions elicited in video ads, he explains.

The goal of the AOL-Realeyes pair-up is to quantify the emotional response to branded video content. Realeyes leans on consumer measurement panels from established firms such as CINT and Toluna. Consumers opt-in to have their facial reactions tracked via Webcams. “We collect info frame by frame for each emotion…and we have a condensed reporting form to show you how a piece of content scores in comparison to other things out there,” Jäätma says. For more insight into the applications of this technology in marketing, check out this video interview.


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