"The internet is a rich community of languages, and yet the languages tend to exist in isolation from each other," says Jason Pontin of MIT’s Technology Review.  "dotSub has an approach to create a community of people who can actually speak to each other."  

On a panel at the Beet.TV executive retreat last  month, Pontin sat down with dotSub Chairman & Founder, Michael Smolens, to find out more about the company’s approach to online video translation.

Smolens explains that dotSub’s service is focused on "the 94 percent of the people in the world that don’t speak English as a native language and, knowing that they like to buy products and services from companies that understand their needs and their markets, make an attempt to communicate with them."

dotSub has the ability to translate videos into any language using Google Translate, crowdsourced translation, or professional translation for enterprise clients.  In the video, Smolens delves into the concepts of crowdsourced translation and enterprise translation, and also talks about why there is such a huge opportunity for video translation online.

Megan O’Neill

Beet Retreat 2013