BERLIN — The growing number of on demand entertainment options has made choosing a movie or television show a chore.  Personalized discovery engine Foundd  is taking a new approach to content recommendation, taking the pain out of deciding what to watch.  We spoke with Foundd founder and CEO, Lasse Clausen, at The Europas in Berlin to find out more about the company’s approach to discovery.

Clausen explained that Foundd sees discovery as a composition of three elements—a recommendation mechanism, social, and intent.  The recommendation engine is the core of Foundd’s application.  Clausen says, “Its based on user taste profiles.”  Users indicate how much they like certain movies and TV shows and, with this in mind, Foundd is able to recommend similar content.

The other elements include social, “because your friends can recommend something good every once in awhile,” and intent.  On the intent side, Clausen likens users use of Foundd to that of users searching Google—”We see discovery as part of the search market [and] people use the app for the 20 or 30 seconds before they consume content.”

Foundd has started out offering movie and video content recommendations, but plans to move into other verticals, beginning with entertainment app discovery, and incorporating books and other forms of entertainment as well.

Megan O’Neill