SAN FRANCISCO — The landscape of television viewing is changing and, as viewers are looking to watch television on a number of different devices, the landscape of television advertising is changing as well.  David Dembitz, CEO of Vidillion, spoke with us about this changing landscape at the Smart TV and Multi-screen Advertising Summit in San Francisco.

Vidillion is a video ad marketplace, working with content providers as well as ad platform companies—bringing the two together to deliver content and advertising to viewers on any device.

Dembitz explains, "Vidillion offers [viewers] the capability of actually watching any type of content on any device.  At the same time, we also can deliver the ads to any type of device and verify the ad delivery."  This allows for targeted ad campaigns, geared towards viewers watching on specific devices.

Additionally, Vidillion can deliver ads to any set top box in the world, which Dembitz says eliminates barriers that once existed surrounding the delivery of ads to previous generation set top boxes.

Megan O’Neill