COLOGNE — Contextual advertising technology company Vibrant Media rolled out some of its tools for in-image advertising in the German market. Beet.TV contributor Ashley Swartz caught up with Vibrant CEO Cella Irvine at the Digital Marketing & Exposition Conferece in Cologne, Germany this week.

"In-image is new and it performs well for brands on both performance and brand metrics," Irvine tells Beet.TV. She explains that advertisers in the German market are eager to know if their ads are seen, just as marketers in the U.S. are. "Contextual solutions are very helpful in this market because they let a brand meet the consumer in the right moment," Irvine says.

Irvine also shares additional insight on placement of ads, user-initation, and the quality of the creative. For more insight on contextual ads, check out this video interview.

Ashley Swartz is a principal of the New York-based consultancy Furious Minds.  She is former head of the interactive television practice at Digitas.  She is a regular contributor to Beet.TV.

Daisy Whitney