AMSTERDAM – Microsoft sees
the new video streaming standard MPEG-Dash, and the standardization of web
video as a whole, as a stepping-stone into the next era of commercial web video

At the IBC show, Media
Platform Architect John Simmons told us that he believes “that by creating a
standard for commercial web video receivers, we’ll go from the walled garden
era” of online video “to a model where the long-tail and mid-tier vertical
niche markets for web video will explode.”

Simmons talks about need for
a “standard receiver for the reception of live and on-demand commercial video
on the web,” as well as the different technologies that Microsoft has been
working on going back to 2009, and likens web video standardization to the
standardization of web pages in the 90’s.

In the same way that Mosaic
enabled web content to explode from 26 web pages in 1992 to over a million by
1997, he believes that the standardization of web video delivery will allow content
to thrive and web video discovery to become increasingly important.

Megan O’Neill