PARIS – Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven's 'Tricked,' a user generated movie born out of a TV show from the Amsterdam-based distribution and consultancy company, FCCE, is a model movie for future films spanning other languages and themes says its producer, Justus Verkerk in this video interview with Beet.TV

Starring Peter Blok, Black Book, the film's unique feature is its plot: partially created by the audience. 

By providing viewers with the first three minutes of script, the film's producers engaged participants by asking them to either write the next three minutes of script or film the first three minutes already provided, he says. 

Both versions were then published online for the community and Verhoeven to review so, creating a 50 minute film in eight phases, Verkerk adds.

'Tricked,' follows the growing trend of movie making becoming more social. Last year, Ridley Scott co-produced  'Life in a Day:' an entirely user generated documentary culminating from over 80,000 videos submitted by YouTube users. 

Launched at Cannes earlier this year, the film is a multiplatform effort, produced in-house by FCCE.

We spoke with Verkerk at the UbiQ conference last month.

Nitya Rajan