TEL AVIV – Social video is booming, with apps like Viddy and SocialCam taking Facebook by storm.  More people are sharing videos online than ever, but Oren Boiman, the CEO of Israel-based automatic video editing start-up Magisto says that, "social video is not just about being able to share videos with your friends."

In this video interview, Boiman talks about Magisto’s vision for the future of social video.  He says, "We think that social video is more about [sharing]… content that is extremely relevant to your social network, and this has to be personal."  Boiman says that social video provides a way for users to tell their own story and to share moments from their lives that are meaningful for them.

Boiman also discusses the Magisto Facebook timeline app, which recently launched and was featured by Facebook at a press event last month.  Watch the full video interview to find out more.

Megan O’Neill

Disclaimer: Megan works with Magisto as their content and community manager on a Freelance basis.