Online video technology provider FreeWheel scored a big win when it inked a deal recently with NBC to deliver and insert ads dynamically into Olympics programming this summer. 

We caught up with JoAnna Foyle Abel, VP of Marketing at FreeWheel at the IAB Marketplace – Digital Video event this week in New York to discuss the challenges of live sports programming in digital venues.

FreeWheel will handle the ad management for the Games across digital platforms, a daunting task for the 3000 hours of live programming NBC will carry online. Ads can be managed and delivered in a similar form to TV ads, and with guidelines on where and when they should be placed with a pod, FreeWheel has said.

She also talked to us about cross-platform ad strategies. She says media companies need to think about creative for ads and whether the ads they make can scale across devices, sites and different formats. For more details, check out this video interview.

Daisy Whitney