A groundhog puppet has won a Shorty Award for video blogging for a Web show that spoofs videoblogging.

After a record-breaking 1.6 million tweet nominations were cast for the 4th Annual Shorty Awards, winners were named late last month, including Fafa The Groundhog of “Glove and Boots” fame in the videoblogger category. Beet.TV caught up with the video series creators Damien Eckhardt-Jacobi and Vincent Bova in an exclusive interview about the show, their goals and their new relationship with the studio Bento Box Entertainment.

The creators discuss how Glove and Boots came about, how the characters interact, and how they grew the show through Twitter and other online channels. Now, the show’s YouTube page counts about 25,000 subscribers and nearly 3 million views. 

Daisy Whitney