Premium video is among the most popular kind of digital programming, but Adobe believes even more of its may come online if solutions to insert ads are better.

We caught up with Dan Erck, Senior Director, Ad Platform at Adobe, at the IAB Marketplace – Digital Video event this week in New York to discuss Adobe's video technology suite Adobe Primetime and the role it might play in bringing more top-tier programming to digital devices.

Adobe introduced Project Primetime earlier this year and Erck describes it in this interview as providing an integrated workflow for publishers to support streaming, ad insertion and analytics across devices, including smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, on-demand programming and more.

"It's a monetization service for publishers to monetize all their video content," he explains in the interview. He says most programmers have held back a significant portion of their programming from digital platforms over ad concerns and quality concerns, and that Project Primetime is designed to help shepherd more video to digital venues by promising a better user experience. 

Daisy Whitney