VIEQUES, PR –  When properly used, online video analytic tools can help advertisers find and reach audiences for their products they might not have known about before. That was one of the key insights shared by Anthony Risicato, GM of Tremor Video's VideoHub unit, in this session from the Beet.TV Executive Retreat in Vieques.

Risicato spoke with Paul Kontonis, VP and Group Director for Brand Content at Digitas, about how brands can use data provided by tools such as Tremor Video's VideoHub to enhance their digital buys.

VideoHub analyzes brand lift, brand engagement, purchase intent and other factors in real time for marketers and agencies. It can also be used by publishers thanks to the acquisition earlier this year of TubeMogul's InPlay analytics platform, Risicato explains in this video session.

As an example of how brands can leverage data better, Risicato shared details on a campaign run by a large yogurt brand. The marketer had planned to target middle-aged, suburban women who watch a lot of TV, but learned through VideoHub's tools that the most engaged and interactive audience for its online video ads were actually college athletes, Risicato says in the session. For more details on how the marketer tweaked the campaign and adjusted the reach, check out the video interview. Kontonis and Risicato also discuss what constitutes premium video, the relationship between publishers and marketers, and how data is changing in digital video.

Daisy Whitney

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