VIEQUES, PR — Online video faces a challenge in scarcity of quality inventory for ads, but that can be turned into an advantage by borrowing a page from TV's playbook.

That's the insight of Anthony Risicato, GM of Tremor Video's VideoHub unit, who was a speaker at the Beet.TV Executive Retreat in Vieques last weekend.

While the video inventory for quality, premium advertising online is limited, TV has the same issue and has turned it into a benefit, he says in this video interview.

"TV is the definition of an inventory scarcity problem and they've solved it with different rate cards and packages and no one is telling the broadcasters to go create more inventory for more ads," Risicato says, adding that TV networks manage the inventory through a sophisticated buying system. Online video, by contrast, is complicated but not quite as sophisticated.

Below is Risicato speaking at the retreat with Digitas VP Paul Kontonis.  Session excerpts will be published over the next few days.


Daisy Whitney