LAS VEGAS — Brands that will be successful in social media are those that integrate naturally into social media conversations and digital mediums, said Jon Greenwood, president of WPP's Media Innovation Group, during an interview at CES.

"The brands that work with the right agencies and figure out how to provide the right social messaging so the messages integrate more into the fields of knowledge, news and entertainment as opposed to what would be considered ads, that will be transitioning," he said. That's part of what MIG focuses on for its clients — evaluating the best cross-platform strategies based on market information. 

Greenwood expects more of an emphasis from marketers on the creative messaging in the digital sphere. Marketers have invested energy on technology and tools to reach the right consumer; the logical next step is to align the creative. "We should be spending more time figuring out what is the exact right message for this consumer," he said.

Daisy Whitney